What is The Microvita Tree?

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What is The Microvita Tree?

Long ago a great master from another world appeared on our planet and planted a magical tree on the island of Atlantis, the microvita tree. The subtle microvita energy from the tree gave the Atlanteans special powers of mind, raising them above other peoples, enabling the birth of a great empire.

But the true value of the tree lay in its hidden promise.  When it blossoms, after hundreds of years, it releases a flood of spiritual energy that will transform the planet, ushering in a golden age of enlightened consciousness.

However, as the tree grew, an evil necromancer, Nefarious, began to manipulate the mysterious microvita energy for his own dark purposes. Using its power he bred new species, ultimately spawning the great and terrible dragons, the ultimate weapon of war, thus setting the idyllic kingdom on the path to its own destruction.

Our story opens thousands of years later, in a time when the age of Atlantis is a near forgotten dream, and civilization has stagnated, mired in ignorance and conflict.

But not all have forgotten the promise of the microvita tree. Far away on his home planet, the master still lives, and turns his attention to the suffering of a world in need, sending an emissary on a secret mission to re-awaken the power of positive microvita on the earth.2


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